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Camping and Trekking

Camping and Trekking

Want to get away from your tight and boring schedule for a while? Then pick this adventure camp in Barot Valley package, and enjoy a memorable getaway.

The Barot Valley is located on the banks of the Uhl River in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Lush landscape, stretching to as far as the eye can see, and cool year-round weather make it a perfect holiday retreat. Here, you have a chance to see numerous waterfalls, along with verdant mountains, snow-bound peaks and open farmlands. Due to its hilly geography, the valley is perfect for trekking, which is one of the best ways to explore the Himalayas. The Barot Valley forms a natural pathway into Bara Bhangal, one of the remotest Himalayan villages.

You could go on hikes to Rajgundha, Dhathi, Plachak, Panharthu and Johardi. If you want to see a historical structure, then you may trek to Hanuman Garh Fort. Bir and Billing, renowned all over the world as paragliding sites, can also be reached on foot from here. More experienced campaigners can walk all the way to Nehru Pass for a thrilling time. Another good place to hike to, while camping in Barot Valley, is Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. This protected territory is covered by forests of oak, deodar and pindrow fir. While strolling through the sanctuary, you may be able to see brown and black bears, flying squirrels, langurs and leopards.

About the Campsite

About 15 km from the village of Barot, is the campsite at an altitude of around 7700 feet. This paradise amidst cauliflower fields is surrounded by deodar forests and snow-clad peaks. Near it are the Himachali villages of Rajgundha, Badagran and Nalhota, where you will be able to see wooden houses, built in the traditional style.
When you arrive at the Barot Valley camping site, you will see that it is not merely a cluster of tents, but a cluster of tents with all necessary conveniences. All tents are arranged in the open, so you can get the quintessential experience of spending a night under the star-lit sky. The colourful tents are decorated in the traditional way to give you the feeling of living like locals. Beds with fluffy mattresses assure you of a good night’s sleep even while camping. To protect you from cold, thick, good-quality quilts have been provided in all camps. Carpeted floors ensure you do not have to get your feet dirty, walking on the soil. This is not all; the campsite is fully equipped to handle events like corporate meetings, seminars and even family functions.

Things to Do
While camping in Himachal Pradesh, you can try your hand at numerous adventure and leisure activities for a fun-filled vacation. One of the things you could do here is river crossing. In it, a rope is fixed on the opposite banks of the river. You are suspended from it by a pulley, and you pull on another rope. This pushes you forward across the river breadth to the other side.

If you like heights or are more adventurous, then indulge in zip lining, which again involves you being suspended from a rope. Zip lining is mostly carried out in the mountains, as one end of the rope needs to be higher than the other. This forms a natural incline, allowing gravity to pull you ahead once you have been pushed. The height, from which you come down, the feeling of freefalling and the speed, at which you move ahead, will give you loads of thrill.

For a truer experience of free falling, which will also refresh you at the same time, go for waterfall rappelling. You will first scale the peak, from where the water comes down, and then be fixed to a strong rope by buckles. Then, you stand at its edge, suspending yourself at a right angle from the hill. The final step is pushing the cliff with your feet so you sway in the opposite direction and descend with the force of gravity. As you drop along the waterfall, the cool water will drench and recharge you from within.

We are providing best Camping and Trekking package in Barot, Himachal Pradesh.

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